Mein Glas Fabrik

Mein Glas Fabrik was a short lived experimental project formed by Sheffield 6 based Mark Holmes and Peter Bargh in 1979. Appreciators of the surreal art movement and influenced by a diverse musical pool, spanning from stark industrial to glam pop, their music was bound to be a challenge to conventional ears. They were regulars at the Blitz Club in Sheffield and released two cassette albums recorded in a bedroom on simple equipment between 1979 and 1981. Death TV was sold in Record Collector with a ten page A4 booklet and was reviewed favourably in Sheffield Fanzine "Tigers on the Moor", Exotic Percusion followed soon after. They gigged once with Bob Eady as An Alien Heat. Mark went on to form siiiii and later joined The Anti Group. Peter created unreleased solo material and is now recording material as The Sound of Flak.

In 2019 Cherry Red records released Dreams To Fill The Vacuum - The Sound Of Sheffield 1977-1988 which included Track No 5 by Mein Glas Fabrik

In July 2020 Vinyl on Demand remastered and reissued both cassettes as a double vinyl release Exotic Percussion / Death TV

In March 2023 the band released their first album in four decades - a digital only release entitled Passages